UX Services

I am a UX Research focused UX Designer. I specialize in projects that positively impact our world and humanity. This includes health, wellness, fitness, healing practitioners, food systems, and other related fields. I am most excited to facilitate bringing voices, gifts, and perspectives of individuals and organizations that are contributing to enhanced global consciousness and healing. I selectively choose projects that are in alignment with these core values.



general Assessment

Big picture Assessment


Are you working on an App or website and want feedback? We can look at your current progress and provide feedback in a working session. You’ll leave with a clearer direction on next steps.


UX Design

Design strategy, Research, deliverables


I offer UX Design services including design strategy, product viability and feedback (startups). And deliverables such as written UX research, lo-fi to hi-fi wireframes, and clickable prototypes.


Portfolio RevieW

for Junior UX Designers


Book 90 minutes with me and we will thoroughly look at your portfolio, LinkedIn, and you as a brand. By the end of session you will have a clear big picture strategy for how to uplevel your current work and an action list of next steps you need to grow.

Follow up sessions will include professional development resources, feedback on your LinkedIn, summary, business cards.

Follow up sessions are available for individuals committed to their own growth and willing to actively try to shift things not working for them.


Mindfulness & Soul

In the professional context


The working world and professionalism can be stressful and is one of our greatest opportunities for growth. Mindfulness, a growth-oriented mindset, and emotional intelligence are some of the keys to establishing your core values which influence how you relate to others. 

We can talk through the current obstacles you’re working to overcome and provide tools and resources to help you get in touch with what’s in alignment for you.

I am not a counselor or coach, but I do have deep knowledge around being professionally out of alignment and then building a career in alignment piece by piece.