The Seattle Art Museum (process)

The Sam App is a pocket tour guide in app form. Through specific features we improved upon and added value to a technology that already existed. 



The Seattle Art Museum downtown is one of a number of locations in Seattle. Although they had outsourced an app that identified some art, they did not have their own proprietary app. 

The Challenge

How to make art universally accessible through a digital experience?

The Solution

Create an app that streamlines the museum experience by offering the User data tailored to them.

My project role

As the only extrovert in the group, I facilitated team collaboration and project management.  I completed all information architecture, content strategy, and I focused on tasks that a User researcher would do.


Design Process

Predesign Research


Through contextual inquiry, research, and surveys we discovered 6 key features Users wanted

  1. Upcoming events
  2. Ability to "favorite" art pieces
  3. Onboarding
  4. Ability to purchase tickets in app
  5. Create or choose self guided tours
  6. Museum tracker map

From there, We committed to design 3 features

  1. Onboarding Customization Process
  2. Create Your Own Tour
  3. Take Self-Guided Tours

Feature (1) and (2) are discussed in this project. Feature (3) will be for a later development phase as technology improves.



Comparative & Competitive Analysis

Comparitve. Competitive Research

IA & USer/ Task Flow

I created the Information Architecture and User Flow. These tools helped us decide how we wanted to structure our app and represent the data to our Users. The Hub + Spoke, Nested Doll hybrid structure, helped us flesh out the layout of our onboarding process & the layout of the app itself.


Final design




Full Flow


Project insight

In Summary

Our app sought to soften a common human experience - the desire to see art while not being overwhelmed by the amount of options and data and offering an inclusive experience.  We focused on resolving user pain points that included big crowds, lack of clarity around where exhibits were and users wanting to know when events were happening.

Next Steps

In the future we will:

  1. Do more testing on the possibility of longer tours
  2. Test the use of the verbiage such as MySAM vs Your SAM
  3. Possibility of accessing photos and information from create your tour list
  4. Possible camera feature
  5. Youth programs
  6. Upcoming events - being able to add it to calendar

what I learned

I learned in depth about the importance of tech inclusion and accessibility. I learned more about information architecture and project management for UX design projects. I applied my architecture graphic skills to the UX process to generate assets.


yes! - This is our team imitating Ferris Bueller's day off during our contextual inquiry.