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I am a UX Designer with a background in architecture and geography and a thoughtful curiosity about the human condition. This combination paired with my passion for people allows me to bring a professional, well-informed and streamlined approach to the design process.



As a designer, I have a passion for solving peoples problems through data-driven business solutions.  My professional experience in research, writing, and a rigorous design process form the foundational principles to all my projects. I value strategic communication, integrity, and a positive attitude. I truly enjoy learning from every project that comes my way.

In my spare time I can be found urban farming, abstract painting, or avidly reading with a cup of coffee in hand.


My Journey to UX

One of my greatest strengths as a UX designer is my interdisciplinary perspective. My background in UX design, architecture, and geography offers a unique perspective into the spatial relationships that we experience. Each of these fields examines how humans respond to their spatial environment within a specific context and filter.

In UX, constraints guide the creation of a digital wayfinding tool for the physical environment. The digital object itself is highly valued, but all decisions must loop back to the needs of the user. The foundational component of UX that gives me the greatest joy is the deference that UX must give to its user.

In architecture, a space is successful when it operates fluidly as a supportive backdrop to the natural flow of human activity. I learned to design based on constraints of time, technology, and client needs while effectively presenting the design process. Architecture instilled in me an attitude of perseverance and digital tenacity.

In geography, I researched the fascinating ways in which existing physical, political, and cultural conditions inform the human experience based on the constraint of spatial proximities. It taught me how to observe and interpret the human condition.